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Songwriting for our next album

Songwriting for our next album begins!


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone!!! :)

Sebastien Happy New Year

SEBASTIEN - My Deepest Winter

We wish you all MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Here is a little gift for you all - check out the song "MY DEEPEST WINTER". We hope you will like it...

WACKEN Open Air 2016


SEBASTIEN will play at the biggest metal festival in the world - WACKEN OPEN AIR 2016!
The band was already supported by WACKEN FOUNDATION and SEBASTIEN's music was used for Wacken 2016 official trailers! Now we can proudly announce - SEBASTIEN WILL PLAY @ WACKEN 2016!

Sebastien at wacken 2016

SEBASTIEN - Highland Romance

CHECK OUT the song "Highland Romance" from our still hot new album!!!

George: "I wrote this one in 2010, right after we arrived back from GRAPOW STUDIOS (where the "Tears of White Roses" album was finished)… It was the period, when I lived and worked in Scotland!!! The idea came to me in Blairgowrie (Perthshire)… Scottish surroundings and landscapes had a deep touch on me and this song is really inspired by the special atmosphere of that beautiful country…"

SEBASTIEN - Lamb Of God (Acoustic version)

Check out "Lamb of God" in an exclusive acoustic version! …on the album we have Tony Martin (ex-BLACK SABBATH) on guest-vocal in this song!!!



SEBASTIEN - Roland Grapow (guest vocals)

Mr. Roland Grapow talks about Dark Chambers Of Déjà Vu!

SEBASTIEN - Sphinx In Acheron - Video Premiere

SEBASTIEN will release the first official music video from the new album "Dark Chambers Of Déjà Vu". The song is called Sphinx In Acheron. Stay tuned and be the first, who will see it!!! THIS FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 25TH, 8 P.M.!

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Sphinx In Acheron Video Premiere


WATCH THE OFFICIAL ALBUM TEASER!!! Dark Chambers Of Déjà Vu will be released on September 25th via Pride & Joy Music.

SEBASTIEN - Marlin Rya Poemy (guest vocals)

Here we are with another album-guest announcement!!! Our fourth special guest singer is - Marlin Rya Poemy!!! An outstanding rock singer and experienced vocal coach, which already performed with ‪SEBASTIEN‬ on Masters of Rock 2014! Her voice appears on the first single, "Sphinx In Acheron", which is released already via Amazon!!!

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SEBASTIEN - Tony Martin (guest vocals)

Tony Martin (ex-BLACK SABBATH) reveals his cooperation with ‪SEBASTIEN‬ on the song called "Lamb Of God" (from the album Dark Chambers Of Déjà Vu)!!

New album guests: TONY MARTIN (vocals)

The third special guest of our forthcoming new album is one of the best rock singers of all time - Mr. TONY MARTIN !!!
We're very proud to announce his cooperation with SEBASTIEN on a new song called "Lamb of God"! (Tony is also a co-writer of the lyrics).

Tony was THE VOICE OF BLACK SABBATH for 10 years!!! His outstanding vocal shines on 5 studio albums of this Birmingham's legend - especially "Headless Cross", "TYR" and "Cross Purposes" belongs to the highlights of BLACK SABBATH's discography! Mr. Martin cooperates with many great rock artists and he released two amazing solo albums so far...

SEBASTIEN - "Headless Cross" (BLACK SABBATH cover)feat. Tony Martin, Roland Grapow and Marthus
BLACK SABBATH - Headless Cross
BLACK SABBATH - Hand That Rocks The Cradle

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SEBASTIEN - Ailyn (guest vocals)

Ailyn (SIRENIA) reveals her cooperation with ‪SEBASTIEN‬ on the song called "Last Dance At Rosslyn Chapel (from the album Dark Chambers Of Déjà Vu)!!

New album guests: AILYN GIMÉNEZ (vocals)

Second special guest of Dark Chambers Of Déjà Vu is no one else, than a "Spanish voice from Norway" - Ailyn Giménez !!! An amazing singer from norwegian symphonic/gothic metal main band, Sirenia !!! Before joining SIRENIA, Ailyn was one of the contestants for Spain's version of the X-Factor.

Ready for SEBASTIEN's big ballad with Ailyn's outstanding vocal performance???

Some of SIRENIA's official videos:
SIRENIA - The Path To Decay
SIRENIA - Once My Light


SEBASTIEN - Zak Stevens (guest vocals)

Zak Stevens (SAVATAGE, CIRCLE II CIRCLE, T.S.O.) reveals his cooperation with ‪SEBASTIEN‬ on the song called "The Ocean" (from the album Dark Chambers Of Déjà Vu)!!

New album guests: ZAK STEVENS (vocals)

As some of you already know from the piece of the song, the first special guest of SEBASTIEN`s new album DARK CHAMBERS OF DÉJÀ VU is the one and only - Mr. ZACHARY "ZAK" STEVENS !!!
A great friend of ours, beautiful person and outstanding singer of SAVATAGE, CIRCLE II CIRCLE, or TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA!!! Zak performed on the first time ever two-stage-show at Wacken Open Air 2015 (with SAVATAGE as well as TSO).
We are proud of this connection and friendship...


SEBASTIEN on WACKEN Official Trailer

Wacken Radio ( is airing the premiere of the track "Crucifixion of the Heart" by SEBASTIEN which will be released on September 25th on Pride & Joy Music.
‪Wacken are using an instrumental version of the track for their 2016 trailer: